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HERBAL BEAUTY CARE THERAPIESBeauty is the gift of nature,preserve and enhance it in natural waySpecial Beauty therapies take care of wrinkles ,sagging of skin,pimples and tones up the skin.Herbal preparations cleanses and nourish the tissues and leave a glowing ,youthful complexion.Special Ayurvedic herbal facials are very effective in eliminating undereye darkness and blackspots and there are effective methods for facial skin lifting and doublechin.ACNE,SCAR AND SKIN PIGMENTATIONThis herbal treatment helps in opening and cleaning skin pores,creating a healthy moisture balance for the skin as well as nourishing and strengthening the skin.The therapeutic herbal face pack penetrates deep in to the pores and clears up the ancne and scars and allows the skin to heal.This helps to prevent new acne blemishes from forming and remove scars on the face.Natural herbal extracts and therapies will make your skin,soft ,smooth and refreshed.ANTI-AGEING&SKIN CARE PROGRAMMECombining the richness of special plant extracts, and cosmetic herbal like saffron.aloe vera etc with aromatic herbal oils ,this is deeply relaxing in al levels.Pure herbal facialmask containing synergy of cleansing herbal cosmetic oils,is applied to your face and neck. let your thoughts drift away whilst you have a soothing scalp massage and let the active ingredients work to detoxify,decongest and stimulate your skin.NJAVARA FACIALHerbal facial, pigmentation facial, turmeric facial, Sandal facial, Aromatic facial, Honey lemon facial, Njavara facial are some special facials in Ayurcare Njavara facial. A unique combination of Njavara rice, processed by decoction of herbs and milk into kizhi is used for facialBENEFITS:

  • It has a major antiageing effect .
  • Removes dryness of skin
  • moisturises the skin, cleanses the pores
  • strengthens the facial muscles
  • nourishes the skin cells
  • removes tan and helps to improve complexion.

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